Relax and Ruby
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RubyConf Italy
Florence • November 25th - 26th, 2016
Improve your skills and have fun with other ruby enthusiasts!
Benjamin Roth
Structure and chain your POROs
Nice, France
Danielle Adams
Ruby Racing: Challenging Ruby Methods
New York, NY, USA
Devon Estes
Make Ruby Functional Again!
Berlin, DE
Kylie Stradley
A Common Taxonomy of Bugs and How to Catch Them
Atlanta, GA, USA
Luca Guidi
Lessons Learned While Building Hanami
Rome, Italy
Marion Schleifer
Learning to program using Ruby
Zürich, CH
Paolo Perrotta
Refinements - the Worst Feature You Ever Loved
Bologna, Italy
Piotr Solnica
Can we still innovate?
Kraków, Poland
Piotr Szotkowski
Integration Tests are Bogus
Warsaw, Poland
Rafael Mendonça França
How Sprockets works
São Paulo, Brazil
Simone Carletti
How programming in other languages made my Ruby code better
Rome, Italy
Xavier Noria
Little Snippets
Barcelona, Spain
Alexander Coles
Taking Rails beyond the asset pipeline
Oxford, England
Ivan Nemytchenko
How to Grow Thinking but Still Useful Ruby Developer?
Belgrade, Serbia
Ju Liu
Running Ruby on a Raspberry PI
London, UK
Luca Guidi
Rome, Italy
Martin Meyerhoff
Setting up Solidus
Berlin, DE
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